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1. Who can come to He Huarahi Tamariki?
HHT is a school for teenage parents of school age who are pregnant or have a child.
Students are generally 19 years of age or less.

2. Can dads come to school?
Yes.  If you are the primary caregiver of your child.  

3. How and when can I enrol?
Ring the school to make an appointment to meet the Teacher in Charge.
You can enrol while you are pregnant or after you have had your baby. 

4. Can I bring anyone with me when I come to see the school?
You can bring a family member or support person, midwife or friend.  You are encouraged to do this.

5. What do I need to bring with me to enrol at HHT?
You need an original copy of your birth certificate, your child's birth certificate and any school records, if you have them. 
If you are pregnant, you need proof of pregnancy.  This could be a letter from your midwife, GP or a copy of your scan.

6. How many students are there?
We have a maximum roll of 50 students.

7. Do you have a uniform?

8. Do I need to bring food to school?
No.  Cereal and toast are provided for breakfast.  Morning tea and hot food or a sandwich are provided at lunch time.  You can bring your own food if you want to, but we avoid junk food.

9. Can I visit my child during the day?
Kids Count is on site, and they will ring and let you know if your child needs you.  You can bottle feed and breast feed on demand and also visit your child at break times.  You will have time to settle your child in when you start school.  Kids Count is open from 8.30am to 3.30pm Monday - Friday. 

10. What can I achieve at HHT?
You can achieve NCEA Level 1, 2 & 3 as well as STAR programmes.  You can also study at Level 4 in some subjects with other providers.  HHT is able to offer a wide choice of subjects and works in partnership with Wellington East Girls’ College, the New Zealand Correspondence School, Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu and other providers.

11. What do I have to bring each day for my child?
Nappies, formula, a change of clothes and any medication for your baby.  Food is provided for your child.

12. How do I get to school?
The school operates a morning and afternoon ‘van run’ covering the Tawa and Porirua areas.  The van will pick you up and drop you home. 
Students also come by bus and train.  Some financial assistance is available for this and towards petrol costs. 

13. What time does school start and finish?
The school day runs from 9am to 3pm.
14. What services are there at HHT?
The school has a visiting doctor and nurse, a school support person, counsellor and has strong links with agencies in the community. 

15. What facilities are there?
HHT has a large open plan classroom with a computer bay and library.  There is a separate classroom, a large dining room, kitchen, offices and a medical room.  There is a small outdoor deck and vegetable garden.

16. How long can I have for maternity leave?
This varies in each case but generally students take a term off.  Some students choose to come back earlier.

17. What happens in a typical day?
Students arrive by 9am and settle their children into Kids Count.  Briefing for staff and students is held every morning and then students go to their tutor/whanau groups before class.  The day has five periods and all students are on individual programmes.  Classes are held in different areas of the classroom by subject teachers.  Morning tea and lunch are provided.  All students participate in ‘duties’ which help to run the school.

18. Can I play sport at HHT?
We offer netball and occasionally zumba, yoga, pilates and self defence.

19. Who takes care of my child when I am in class?
Kids Count caters for children of our students and is located in the HHT Complex. 

20. Can I use my phone at school?
You cannot text or phone in class but you can use your phone during breaks.

21. Can I smoke at school?
No.  He Huarahi Tamariki and Kids Count are both smoke free environments.

22. Do I have to come every day?

23. Does my child have to attend Kids Count - The Griffin School?

24. Do I have to pay for childcare?
Yes.  But if you are eligible or are receiving assistance from WINZ, then your childcare may be covered.  Funding may be accessed from WINZ for childcare.
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